Many financial institutions rely on relatively simple tools for planning  their complex daily cash management operations. While today we use modern apps for most areas in live, most inhouse CM tools are based on Excel spreadsheets. While such tools are cheap to build, their true cost is in missing substantial savings.
Studies have consistently shown that their results are far from optimal, and tangible savings between 15-20% of external costs (CIT and ) can be realized on top with professional forecasting-based solutions. In addition, often adlow productivity with cash agents is the consequence. Both together means that every year, many financial institutions are spending millions and millions on CIT transportation and cash agent operations that could be avoided!

Consequences from simple cash ordering tools include:

  • High CIT invoices due to unnecessary cash replenishments and expensive emergency trips
  • Cash stockouts leading to difficulties meeting ATM availability targets, unsatisfied ATM customers
  • Cash overflows of Recycler ATMs, leading to unnecssary frequent services
  • Excessive cash stocks in branches
  • Higher cash center processing costs and related avoidable cash-in-transit
  • Cash-Agents in permanent excel-mode, who could be working on strategic topics


CurrentSituationThe basis of an optimized approach to cash management should be a critical and comprehensive self-assessment to understand where your organization stands today. To initiate the process, planfocus can assist you – with our experenience and experts, we will provide strategic advice on process improvements and demonstrate  savings in an individual “Proof-of-Value”.


Cash Recycling

When it comes to the ATM cash recycling technology, forecasting and planning complexity increases dramatically, so most banks give up forecasting at this point altogether and resort to simple weekly cash-services. Keeping in mind that cash recycling comes with the promise of significant savings due to using short cash cycles, this means cash recycling often cannot keep the promise unless advanced cash cycle optimization enables additional savings to materialize.

Inhouse Software  Developments

Expensive to set up and run, difficult to maintain over time, they are usually discontinued after several years as personel shifts into other parts of the organization or technologies become outdated, unless they are part of the core business of an organization. At planfocus, our solution investments have far exceeded any development investment that an individual bank or cash processor is willing to take. And through our technology we share with you a wealth of experience from our clients: Best-practices in optimizing cash cycle processes,  many from the leaders in retail banking.

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