Integration and Implementation

For the integration and implementation of our standard CCO® solutions, we follow a rigorous process that simply delivers. Period. Starting from a detailed analysis together with you, we specify the exact integration and implementation phases:

  • We integrate CCO® into your existing system environment, and take all existing cash point data (ATMs and branches) as well as other system interfaces into account – such as, but not limited to: User authorization and authentication, single-sign-on, SNMP, CIT interfaces, as well as interfaces to track-and-trace systems.
  • If necessary, we carry out individual software adaptations or custom developments for you.
  • Solution implementation, including rollout and training programs. This includes a detailed setup of your business rules and constraints, followed by a custom calibration, to meet your individual objectives.
  • Rollout support: We will put you in the position to take full control during the implementation. So you can decide for yourself to carry out the implementation with inhouse trained staff, or continue the project with our professional services resources.

Of course, we support the process with availability of our executives to help with for your SteerCo decisions.

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