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CCO Basis CCO LiveInventories CCO Syncro CCO Planner CCO CashCenter CCO Transport CCO CashEDI CCO Tracking
CCO Basis
CCO Basis
Module description
The platform CCO®/Basis constitutes the infrastructure and the technical foundation of the CCO®-Suite. In addition, CCO®/Basis provides the fundamental management functions as well as basic workflows that are closely linked to the individual solution modules.
Complementary to CCO®/Basis, CCO®/LiveInventories is the basic repository for historical cash point data. An interface enables receiving cash point inventory and service information anytime by the CCO® Suite. In addition, it enables real-time monitoring (intraday) of cash point stocks.
CCO®/Planner is the central cash inventory optimization engine, which plans all cash services and replenishment quantities for the entire cash point network fully automatically. The module CCO®/Planner employs the most advanced and dedicated econometric and mathematical optimization algorithms .
CCO ®/Syncro ensures the optimal synchronization of cash services of several cash points at one location: This enables for travel and service costs can be significantly reduced once again.
CCO®/Transport enables efficient tour planning trough the integration of cash planning and route disposition. By taking constraints of the delivery process into account, this allowas a combined optimization of cash services and tour allocation, considering also vehicle capacities. Overall it enables a smoothing of resource utilization and thus a reduction of resource costs.
CCO®/Tracking provides for end-to-end track & trace of all cash shipment containers (ATM cassettes and other packages) and display all container specific information. CCO® uses the GS1-standard for unique designation of packages (SSCC), locations (GLN) and products (GTIN).
Using the module CCO®/CashEDI, it is possible to electronically exchange data for cash orders and deposit notifications with the central bank. Additionally, it tracks the status of all orders as well as the corresponding deliveries at any given time.
CCO®/CashCenter helps to manage, monitor and optimize CashCenter-/Pool-Stocks and supports reconciliation workflows. An optional connection to counting and video surveillance systems increases the process quality within the cash center.

Please choose the desired features from the lists below, or click the desired modules within the circle diagram to configure your individual cash cycle management solution.
Please choose from the list below:
  • Master data administration
  • Client administration
  • User administration
  • Order administration
  • Multi-language compatibility
  • Multicurrency compatibility
  • Administration of data history for Cash Points
  • Inventory diagrams per period (charts)
  • Inventory diagrams per day (inventory chart)
  • Evaluation of key figures from data history (metrics)
  • Management-Cockpit
  • Optimizer charts per period
  • Range chart for Cash Points
  • Range chart for locations
  • Chart-view of synchronized cash points (Syncro-Chart)
  • Management of resources
  • Tour documentation
  • Order smoothing chart
  • Administration of all Central Bank orders for cash services
  • Administration and configuration of cash disposition groups
  • Administration of CashEDI products with GTINs and availability in the CCO product catalog
  • Administration of delivery notes (SSCC)
  • Tour plan administration
  • Administration of locations (GLN)
  • Administration of cashcenter orders
  • CIT billing control
  • Support of GS1-standards: GLN/GTIN/SSCC
  • Tabular inventory overview
  • Set up and activate mobile scanners
  • Administration of products
  • Administration of IBAN and parameters for function "Posting of cash deliveries"
  • Automated E-Mail transmission of cash orders
  • Administration of user access permissions and user roles
  • Order management
  • Multistage order disposition and disposition locks
  • Cash point monitoring
  • Order monitoring
  • Control of data connectivity
  • Automatic import of current inventory data
  • Automated order generation
  • Advance recording of additional cash demand
  • Extended cash point monitoring
  • Fallback disposition
  • Cash recycling in branches
  • Syncronized planning
  • Automated sending of tour documents via E-Mail
  • Automated tour and vehicle disposition
  • Manual tour disposition
  • Manual modification of existing tours
  • Identification of time-critical orders
  • Electronic cash ordering
  • Electronic notification of cash deliveries
  • Automatic receiving of purchase orders
  • Fully automatic processing of the CashEDI communication with the central bank
  • Monitoring of order status (CashEDI)
  • Automatic transmission of cash orders to the order management and to CPTO®/Tacking
  • Creation of packages
  • Creation of package lists
  • Monitoring the status / current location of packages in real time
  • Interface to CIT-systems
  • Interface to stationary and mobile barcode scanners
  • Completeness validation of all package delivery
  • Optional connection to counting machines for bills and coins
  • Optional connection to video surveillance systems (InformSolutions)
  • Cashcenter Inventory Management
  • Order reconciliation
  • Change history data
  • Entering of forward orders
  • Automatic posting of cash deliveries
  • Optimized vault management
  • Automatic determination of service time-slots
  • Fully-automated turnover forecast
  • Intraday-forecast
  • Fully-automated planning of cash replenishment
  • Intraday-Planning
  • Planning of coins
  • Location planning at optimal costs
  • Intelligent branch optimization
  • Optimization of regional locations with remote locations
  • Controlled availability of locations
  • Consideration of stop costs
  • Tour optimization
  • Smoothing of order peaks
  • Identification of time-critical orders
  • Vault planning/ optimization
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