In the past, B2B software has often been licensed using a perpetual license model. While this approach looks appealing, here at planfocus we have  an even better model of partnership for you. A model where you do not just buy a solution that was built in the past. Instead, you license a solution that carries you safely into the future!

Here is how this most interesting licensing model works for you: Driven by the CCO® user community, where best-practices are implemented and are shared right through the software you are using, you receive many more benefits, over a period of 5 years!

  • Full software service (support and maintenance), together with ticketing, updates and hotfixes if needed.
  • Software upgrades of your licensed modules and access to all new major releases of the software.
  • Merges of your individual custom adaptations with new major releases of the software.
  • Functional enhancements of the CCO® community, and of market trends.
  • Flexibility regarding growing or shrinking your network.

After 5 years of continuous subscription, you automatically receive the full permanent usage right. From there, you have the choice to continue with the subscription benefits or switch to a simple maintenance model or continue without maintenance if so desired.

At planfocus, we practice a true partnership approach – we help to reduce your start-up investment, keeps you up-to-date and offer you the flexibility regarding changes in your cash supply management organization.

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